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Have you ever wanted to star in your own action movie? How about with your friends, family or colleagues as your co-stars, loyal allies and sworn enemies, performing all the action themselves? Planning a Stag, Hen, Corporate event or a private party with like minded friends?? Then you’ve come to the right place - Welcome to ACTION COMPANY EVENTS UNltd!!!

Does your brother in law reckon he’s the next Stallone? Does your father in law have evil genius eyebrows? Would Aunt Mabel look like a bad ass with an M16 slung over her shoulder? Or your girlfriends believe they have moves and style like Charlies Angels?

All you need is the desire to have a fun day out, and our team of film makers and action professionals will help you create a memory that will last a lifetime. Best of all, its safe and equally enjoyable for people of any experience and physical fitness


Your very own action movie will edited and sent to you, creating memories that last forever!


Just choose your style of movie, we can adapt and customise the scenarios to suit your group, show up on the day ready for action and we’ll handle the rest. We’ll start by covering the basics necessary for creating your action sequences then we jump into choreography and rehearsing. By the afternoon you’ll have your characters and costumes all worked out and we’ll start bringing your film to life.

Our cameramen will capture the whole day and film the main action event, which will then be taken away to be edited into your very own small action movie and sent to you creating memories that will last forever!


Expendables style showdown packed with larger than life characters. You and your gang go up against your sworn rivals in an epic head to head battle full of over the top moments and humour.

Mission 1
Mission 2


Make a last bid attempt to rescue a captive agent from the forces of evil, in this intense and calculated race against time. Think hard hitting action in a Bourne type thriller.


In our industry the danger is an illusion. We are actors and athletes; we use clever performance techniques and camera angles to create the impression of violence and impact, when there is virtually no contact involved in any of our performances. Of course there is always an element of risk with any physical activity, but our action days are not dangerous.

We’ll show you how to perform your own safe and fun filled film quality action sequences, entirely based around your own abilities and interests. This isn’t a professional educational course, we are trained and experienced screen action performers who are there to make sure you have a fun, safe and action packed day and walk away with no more than a big smile on your face.

Mission 3


star star star star star

“I went on the action day not fully knowing what to expect but it was brilliant and so much fun! The day was well structured and organised, with an action packed finale. The instructors were clear on instructions, efficient and made everything fun-we had a great laugh. A fantastic day-i would highly recommend it!!”

- Maxine Scott-Harmann, East Sussex

star star star star star

“What an experience!! The instructors were very professional but relaxed with a great balance on safety and fun. We learnt some combat skills and tricks of the screen world-watch out Jason Bourne! Thanks to Duke and his team for a fantastic day with great memories”

- Joe Dilietto, Epsom

star star star star star

“Me and some friends took part in an action packed day with Action Company. Being paired up and learning some fight moves for our own routine, before acting out scenes in stages and performing for our very own small action film. Tough but fun and an extremely enjoyable day which i would highly recommend. The ACE team were great, helpful and true proffessionals”

- Craig Carrigan, Hampshire

star star star star star

“The action company events that I attended was an excellent day. We spent half the day learning and practicing a small fight sequence before putting it into practice in front of the camera. Duke and his action team were knowledgeable and enthusiastic and made it a great fun event. You leave the day with a big smile on your face, even more so when you receive your copy of the edited event and action film. Thoroughly recommended”

- James Carroll, Essex


We appreciate that the concept of making action movies may be a bit over whelming and there will be questions you’ll want to ask, so please get in touch and we can chat through the details, we’re always happy to make adjustments to suit whatever will make your day as fun and memorable as possible.

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